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New Prepackaged Whole Leaf Green Tea Selections 

Unique to Japan, in the fall of each year, the mature and large leaves which remain on the green tea plants are typically picked and roasted in a wood-fired kiln or roasting drum, transforming the typical green tea leaves to reddish brown hues. This roasted variation of the green teas of Japan was first developed in Kyoto in the 1 920s by astute tea merchants who did not wish to see mature tea leaves go to waste.

Hojicha is immediately recognizable for its intense, nutty and earthy aroma which, when steeped, served hot or iced, translates into a universally popular tea without the astringency or vegetal qualities of most green teas which are steamed and lightly dried. Lower in caffeine and very mild in flavor, it is an ideal and informal accompaniment to most foods, compatible with cuisines from around the world. And, when day is done, a most relaxing and restful beverage to savor to the last drop.

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