Green Tea Chicago


Many of the green teas on the Menu are grown and processed in Kyoto (western Japan). Also, green teas from Shizuoka (central Japan), Kagoshima (southern Japan) and other prefectures in Japan may be available, from time to time, and your server will be pleased to describe them. As in fine wines, the micro-climate and terroire of each prefecture varies, producing different qualities in the tea plants. Each of the tea selections is prepared with filtered water and fresh tea leaves from our “tea cellar” on display in the L’Atelier.

Each serving consists of one teapot, sufficient for two to three servings of tea, suitable for one or two persons. The teas are selected, brewed and steeped at the table. Due to the nature of green teas and to maintain the integrity of the true, green tea experience, each pot must be made fresh only, with the specific loose green tea leaves which have been selected and steeped at precise water temperatures and different brewing-time requirements, depending on the type of green tea, and, unlike some non-green teas, are not used again by adding hot water.

The teas served in the Salon de Thé Vert are available, in both loose and tea bag form, from the “tea cellar,” together with tea accessories, special confections, green tea-related gift items and books on tea, in the L’Atelier.

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